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Made for dentists by dentists, Elevate Dental Designs is the smartest way to create your patients' perfect smiles.

We are a digital dental laboratory that offers design and manufacturing services, with all our work carried out on our own premises.

We use the latest technology and software to create custom dental prostheses that are made to fit each patient perfectly.

Our digital-first approach gives us an advantage over traditional laboratories, and we are committed to providing dentists with streamlined workflows and a high-quality end product.

We can digitise analogue impressions as well as receive digital intra-oral scans through all scanner systems. In addition, cases can be referred through 3Shape Communicate as well as sending photos and scans through Dropbox, WhatsApp and WeTransfer.

What Do We Provide?

  • All tooth-borne restorations from inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and veneers
  • Cement/screw-retained single implant crowns up to full arch implant bridges in various materials
  • Signature Smile & Studio Smile
  • Teeth in a Day surgical and prosthetic prostheses including PAIT jig/bridge
  • Prosthetic restorative solutions
  • Digital planning and smile design

How Do We Do It?

We've developed three exciting digital workflows that allow us to enable clinicians to grow their business by offering patients cutting-edge aesthetic treatment solutions.

Signature Smile

This is a facially driven, digitally designed workflow to allow clinicians to provide their patients with high-quality, reproducible composite veneer smile rejuvenations (10 teeth).

More about Signature Smile

Digital planning and a preliminary Smile Trial allow the patient and dentist to collaborate on getting the best, bespoke smile for a patient.

This is reproduced in the mouth using printed 3D models and specialised composite templates. There is a pro-rata reduction per tooth in both the design and manufacturing stages if there are fewer than ten teeth.

For more information, visit the Signature Smile website.

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Studio Smile

This treatment has the same root workflow as Signature Smile but the end result is different in that porcelain restorations are provided rather than composite veneers.

More about Studio Smile

We also offer an express version of Studio Smile and the porcelain restorations can be delivered within 24-72 hours to your practice, subject to an additional express fee. Delivery time will be dependent upon geography, as well as whether the impressions are digital or analogue. Due to the increased laboratory time required, this needs to be booked in advance as our lab technicians will require a clear schedule to provide this treatment solution.

Implant Studio Smile

This is a facially driven, digitally designed workflow that allows clinicians to provide their implant patients with a one-day solution for replacing their failing teeth with dental implants and provisional implant bridge(s).

More about Implant Studio Smile

From the smile design, our technicians can provide surgical guides to allow for bone reduction if required, to implant placement guides that allow us to prefabricate a provisional PMMA bridge that can be loaded on the day of surgery. This allows clinicians to greatly reduce their clinical time, and provide stronger provisional restorations as well as greater patient acceptance/satisfaction.

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Why Choose Us?

  • You and your patients will receive affordable, high-quality UK-produced products
  • Digital scanning improves accuracy, reduces cost and improves profitability
  • You and your team will receive full training
  • Your patient is empowered as part of the design process
  • Our workflows will significantly reduce your patients' chair time

We know that a lot of clinicians are wary about taking the step from analogue to digital dentistry, so we are very happy to help and mentor clinicians to take this step into the future.

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Based in Belfast, we offer our services throughout the UK and Ireland.

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