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Made for dentists by dentists, Elevate Dental is the smartest way to create your patients' perfect smiles.

Through digital planning, unique technology, and smile design & trials, we have made the perfect smile affordable for your patients, more profitable for you, and easier for you both.

Full Mouth Implant Rehabilitation

This patient required a full clearance due to functional and aesthetic issues and wanted a full mouth implant rehabilitation with fixed prostheses.

Following implant integration, a fully digital workflow was followed, with initial digital scans, leading to verification bridges being torqued in. This allowed us to assess the accuracy of the initial intra-oral scans by evaluating the passivity of the verification bridge fits.

Other aspects that were assessed were aesthetics, occlusion, guidance and lip support. Following agreement from the clinician and the patient, the upper and lower zirconia bridges were manufactured and fitted to give a beautifully natural and age-appropriate result.

Full Mouth Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation

This patient required a multi-disciplinary approach to restore her compromised function and aesthetics, increasing the OVD.

Digital planning and smile trialling allowed the patient to visualise her potential new smile, as well as provide the clinician with diagnostic data regarding the relevant treatment modalities to get the ideal restorative result.

In this case, the patient had a favourable smile line and did not see the merit in conducting bone grafting in the upper anterior zone. Consequently, a mixture of implants, porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers were provided to give this patient the smile of her dreams.

Single Implant Crown

This patient had external resorption associated with her upper right central incisor. A partial extraction was carried out and an Inverta implant was placed immediately in conjunction with a bone bulking.

As the implant was very stable, the patient’s natural tooth crown was recycled and used as the crown on her provisional implant crown. This gave the patient great continuity and also allowed the gum tissues to remain very stable.

After 3 months of implant healing and tissue maturation, digital scans were taken to manufacture an aesthetic, screw-retained porcelain restoration.

Studio Smile Porcelain Veneer

This was a Studio Smile case that involved replacing old porcelain crowns with new porcelain restorations on the same day as the initial preparations.

This case was digitally planned, with an initial smile trial being carried out to ensure that the patient was happy with his potential new restorations.

The patient was seen in the morning and digital impressions were taken and sent to the laboratory. These were returned and fitted later that evening.

Signature Smile

This patient had challenging aesthetics in the upper jaw with diastemata present as well as a prohibitive occlusion that prevented effective restoration.

An upper signature smile was digitally planned to close the diastemata as well as provide Dahl platforms to allow the edge-to-edge/scissors bite to be effectively dealt with.

This allowed us to implement canine guidance and incisal edge guidance into the case as well as encourage posterior over eruption.

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